Corona made me do it!

3 min readOct 24, 2020


One year ago this heading should relate to something totally different, and not to smart choices as in this case. Nevermind…

As Covid -19 hit the world and we were stuck in quarantine in our apartment in Austria I felt that I needed to do something valueable of that time. I couldn’t just sit in the sofa watching series and feeling sorry of not being able to ski or hike on the wonderful mountains I saw from our big windows. Also, I didn’t know how long we were supposed to be locked in. Studying German at that time felt quite hopeless since you couldn’t be out talking with new people.

I have always said, on fun: “I shall be a programmer so this xxx can be more user-friendly and actually doing what the user want’s it to do!” A friend of mine gave me the tip to try out a free four-day-course in coding held by the Swedish organization ‘Tjejer Kodar’. I was stuck, time just passed and my boyfriend wondered when I should eat dinner with him. I was in a flow that I for long time had missed.

Some of the things needed to be in a flow; feel motivation, getting the right level of challenge, get the chance to concentrate and get feedback directly. I felt all of this. I got really motivated by getting the feedback directly. I do see the result directly when coding — it appears correctly on the website or errors appears clearly. In my previous work, working with long-term planning, it could in worst case pass six months before seeing the actual result of what I performed.

I continued coding quite much after that four-day-course. Finally I found something new exciting and developing to do and I realized that I could learn and develop quite fast in coding. My eyes also got open for a totally new world of new oppurtunities within the tech business. We were planning to live in Austria until February 2021 and the fact that Technigo’s Bootcamp to become a Front End developer last until then made it the perfect match to apply. So I did — and I got accepted. For me that was one of the most scary thing I had ever done, — just changing career thinking that I should come out on the other side being able to work within tech. But the thoughts of ‘dream to come true’ made me think it was going to work.

Photo by Emma Matthews Digital Content Production on Unsplash

So, who am I? I’m a happy Swede. In 2013 I graduated with a Master of Science in Business and Administration. My orientation was service management and I still have a big passion for that. I am half analtycial and nerdy — needing to have things to dig into, and half of me love interpersonal relationships, meeting the customer’s needs and do have a strong commercial understanding.

More than a third of the Front End development Bootcamp has already passed! It has been super intense, and the time is going extremely fast (might also be affected of the fact that we have moved three times during this time… one more to go…). My future dream is to work as a Product Owner or similar, being able to be the link between the customer and the programmers. I do really believe that I am good in understanding the customers and applying that to programmers’ point of view.

First, I am going to be really good in handling the art of code myself. And in a week ahead we might be put in quarantine again, let’s see what new I will come up with then…

Gabriella Bolin




Half analytical, half social! Front End Developer with background in Business & Administration. Passion for service management and problem solving.