Warning: Addictive!

2 min readDec 10, 2020

I never saw that sign… Did I miss it? Or where there no such sign? The whole new world of Tech that I have been introduced to is really addictive! There are so many fun and challenging things to learn.

It is like a whole new world has opened in front of me. A world I thought it was too late to be welcomed to, but now I only feel more confident by having a lot of other experiences in my background to bring. Via the Bootcamp I am currently attending and via LinkedIn I have got in contact with this new world, the tech industry. There are so many fantastic interesting and inspiring people and companies out there that I have got in contact with.

Coding and especially learning code is a state where you get totally stuck and there is no end and no possibility to stop. In a positive way! You can get stuck with a problem for a long time and then when you finally solve it you are so happy that you find something else to grasp your head around and then you are stuck into that until … Yes, it is really a never ending FUN path to go. For a person like me, always wanting development, I do now see that I can develop for a lifetime within the tech world, — not only with coding.

Another really interesting part I got introduced to in this world is the agile foundations, something I went for a short course in and a knowledge I would really like to dig deeper into. To really get to know how to work in an agile team and organization I think the best is to start working in an agile context, which I am really longing for now.

Picture of post its to symbolize learning and agile methods.
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

In this new ‘world’ I can really see how I can combine my interests, my previous knowledge and experiences with my new learnings and skills. I see myself being able to combine the commercial understanding with coding skills and my high interest in meeting the customer’s needs.

I couldn’t be more eager to get out there to ‘reality’ and work! Eight weeks of the Bootcamp left and then I am available for ya’.

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